GhostTyperXML 3.0

Enhances the functionality of auto complete feature by adding variables
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Improves the way users type on the keyboard with features to speed up the whole process. Saves and inserts automatic text based on a keyboard combo or word detection. Its own database stores links and other data to speed up the process of calling the items from anywhere.

GhostTyperXML can make the daily work at the computer more efficient and quicker regardless of which software you use. Repetitive texts, e-mail addresses and hyperlinks can be stored as so called entries in GhostTyperXML and can be activated by pressing a key as and when required.
Texts such as "Kind regards", complete letters or other texts which are often used can be saved once in GhostTyperXML and inserted in the relevant program when needed. The additional use of variables and commands expands the application?s possibilities and enables the creation of macros.
Also the creation of new e-mail messages containing e-mail recipients can be automated by simply pressing a key. With this, the usual procedure of starting the e-mail program, creating a new message and entering the recipient?s address is no longer required.
Furthermore GhostTyperXML supports the storing of hyperlinks thus enabling a faster access to Internet pages by pressing a key.
The entries are saved in a file based on XML - a so-called archive. Archives can be saved either locally or be made available in a LAN, Intranet or Internet for other users. This enables shared access to archives either within a company or worldwide.
The multitude of uses and the extensive network functionality are what make GhostTyperXML a universal tool.

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